In February this year Stowelink had a strategic partnership with Jamii sports a company dealing with talent and sport development among youths in Kenya. The company has been in the field for some time now and its one of the disrupters in the field using mobile technology as a catalyzer for development and growth inContinue reading “STOWELINK PATNERS WITH JAMII SPORTS”


The world cancer month is always as important month for Stowelink because its when our first project officially kicked off 3 years ago. This year we celebrated the world cancer day and when world cancer month in a special way. We had a panel discussion which was recorded live and will be uploaded to YouTubeContinue reading “WORLD CANCER MONTH CELEBRATIONS (FEBRUARY)”


  Kreative hub is the Stowelink art and entrepreneurship brand where we seek to develop leaders entrepreneurs and change makers through the Kreative hub clubs which continue to gain popularity in Kenyan universities. The Kreative hub clubs have become a force to recon with especially when taking of disruptive soft skills development and entrepreneurship. ThisContinue reading “KREATIVE HUB COHORT 2”


Stowelink is privileged to announce that in 2019 we are going to conduct a very big intensive programme called the youth NCDS champions where we are going to highlight youth survivor stories on NCDSs, conduct a school health programme on NCDSs and launch a new technological product which will revolutionize the field of non-communicable diseases.Continue reading “YOUTH NCDS CHAMPIONS”


On first December during the world aids day Stowelink was invited to do a youth training on non-communicable diseases, HIV AND AIDS awareness, leadership and personal development skills. The event which saw Stowelink patner up with the Kimbo PCEA church among other partners trained 50 youths from the area on leadership entrepreneurship and more importantlyContinue reading “STOWELINK CONDUCTS A YOUTH TRAINING IN KIMBO AREA ON NCDSS AND HIV/AIDS 1/12/2018”

Project slim FIT- First Bicycle riding sensitization activity

Stowelink recently launched a new project in the UK dubbed project SLIM FIT where we are all about ending weight stigma and promoting physical activity and healthy diets. Our first activity in our series of activities for this project involved bicycle riding for 2 kilometers creating awareness on obesity, healthy diets and good health andContinue reading “Project slim FIT- First Bicycle riding sensitization activity”

Stowelink partners with the Medical Records Institute to conduct a training at Kenyatta university

Stowelink partnered with medical records institute to bring a training to Kenyatta university on the importance of data management in health care and why that’s very important in ensuring innovation and sustainability in health care. The training which saw 70 participants highlighted majorly on the importance of data collection in supporting evidence-based interventions and projects.Continue reading “Stowelink partners with the Medical Records Institute to conduct a training at Kenyatta university”

World Stroke Day Free Medical Testing 29/8/2018

At the fore front of activities for the world stroke day was a series of free medical testing activities that saw more than 1000 people get tested. The testing was done by the partners of this event including Stowelink Medical Division, Amref Health ,Mended Hearts, Winnies Pure Health, Diabetes Association Of Kenya among others whoContinue reading “World Stroke Day Free Medical Testing 29/8/2018”

Stowelink hosts world stroke day 2018-morning walk 29/10/2018

Stowelink was privileged to host the world stroke day celebrations in 2018 after a though planning of the event. We successfully hosted the world stroke day which went exceptionally well and was officially flagged of by Mr Nyambega the official chairperson of the stroke association of Kenya. So the world stroke day started on aContinue reading “Stowelink hosts world stroke day 2018-morning walk 29/10/2018”