On the week prior to world cancer day Stowelink Inc. was responsible for creating a trending hashtags on cancer where individuals commented on ways to avoid and manage cancer. The hashtag was also featured on KUTV when we were given an interview on cancers. The hashtag managed to get 8000 impressions on Facebook and 3400Continue reading “PROJECT ALPHA 2018: #CHANGE4CANCER ONLINE CAMPAIGN”

MyHeart_Ke X World Stroke Day Kenyatta University Chapter

Stowelink Inc has been carrying out sensitization events on cardiovascular health each time growing and growing in audiences and in skills.this time round Stowelink Inc in conjunction with the stroke association of Kenya (SAOK) and Kenyatta university school of public health under the department of population health organized one major event. ALL PHOTOS COURTESY OFContinue reading “MyHeart_Ke X World Stroke Day Kenyatta University Chapter”


Stowelink inc has always been focused on solving problems in the society especially when it comes to non communicable diseases.we have always put a lot of focus on non communicable diseases in Kenya and Africa as a whole because we believe that Africa is ill prepared for what will become its biggest burden-Non Communicable Diseases.Continue reading “MyHeart_KE MOBILE APPLICATION”